Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

Increasingly, the two concepts of public relations and marketing are converging. Engaging influencers in the local press and other stakeholders means developing a marketing strategy that can get you there. We will help you tap into your social media resources to find users who your audience trusts and listens to.

These users can range far and wide. Journalists juggernauts and organic influencers within your target audience can all serve to amplify your message and spread the word about your brand, if you know how to engage them. As a result, you can target your efforts to the most influential members of your audience in order to raise brand awareness and drive conversions.

Navigate a World of Advertising Cynicism

The rise of ad-blockers is only the latest example for an audience that’s increasingly weary of being sold to. As traditional advertising has decreased in effectiveness, influencer marketing has proportionally risen in importance. Targeting your influencers means spreading your brand message and personality in an authentic way.

Let’s be honest: your audience doesn’t trust a brand that simply touts its own benefits. They will, however, trust the opinion of authorities about the brand, whether they be members of the press or simple power users and customers. Rather than spending money to reach an audience that won’t believe you, why not go through more trustworthy and organic channels? Reach your brand evangelists, who will help you convert their peers to the same level of enthusiasm.

Sentiment Analysis

What is your audience saying about you? Any strategic approach to PR and influencer management in the digital age has to begin with this type of analysis. We will help you find, analyze, and evaluate the buzz about your brand, which you can use as a first step to determine your influencers and the general sentiment your audience shares about your business.

Outreach and Earned Links

Knowing your influencers means little if you don’t know how to reach them. We will help you develop a strategy that effectively leverages outreach to journalists and key members of your target audience, encouraging them to engage and spread the word about your brand.

Over time, the goal will be to forge strong partnerships between your brand and its influencers. In the process, you will gain earned media through links to your website and content, which will help increase both your digital exposure and your SEO.

Influencer Management

The process of influencer marketing is not as simple as finding them and reaching out to them once. To be effective, you need to manage your relationships over time, using both smart and strategic messaging.

Find and develop relationships with new influencers, focus your efforts on the most active part of your audience, and even reach out to brands that can help to amplify your message. Our team will help make your influencer marketing both strategic and successful.

Regardless of whether your efforts focus on the press or organic influencers within your target audience, you need an consistent and positive brand presence to be successful. We can help in that process, whether you need to craft a brand identity from the ground up or building on and improving an establish brand.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to maximize the impact on your brand in reaching your influencers. Partnering with us will make sure those eyes are both experienced and able to provide the help you need.

Leveraging your brand online requires more than a Facebook presence or spending some money on digital ads. To be successful long-term, you need to establish and execute an effective PR and influencer marketing strategy that coalesces with both your brand identity and your overall marketing efforts. To begin working toward that goal, contact us.