Wayfarer Vans is a new startup looking to help campers seamlessly connect with the outdoors. Wayfarer Van’s purpose is to make affordable, unique camper van kits, giving you the ability to transform a cargo van into a camper van with just a screwdriver and socket wrench. Everything you need is ordered here, then delivered and installed quickly, allowing you enough time in the day still to go out and discover.


The Problem

Our objective was to create awareness for a new startup company in an industry that has very little product differentiation. Traditionally, camper vans are purchased then shipped off to have a custom installation of camping accessories, a process typically taking up to 18 months.

We created a campaign for Wayfarer Vans that aligned with the values and mission of the organization. The campaign focused on lifestyle and escapism as the main points, and secondly on the company selling camper van kits.

Our Role

  • Disruption Strategy Development

  • Content Creation Strategy

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Data-Driven Marketing

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Pay-per-click Advertising